Boriana Bogdanova – Marks of pain

Our state of the soul can only be described in words of life and death. On the rim of our thoughts we are forced to keep the nightmares on leash. Finally we make up time in Boriana Bogdanova poems to create our love.

Alex Arnaudov 


is a state
of the soul
where words
both heal
and kill



you love me
in quotes
i love you
in bold



the words
(we need to talk)
are broken glasses
and with the pieces
we leave marks
of pain
on each other



time is so little
and you are so vast
specks of hourglass
won’t be enough
to long for you
from the inside
out and beyond



i make you up
i write you down
i long for you
i live you
i suffer for you
i wipe you off
i leave you behind



on the rim of
circle of thoughts
about me and you before
you walk your nightmares
on a leash


New Asocial Poetry