Boriana Bogdanova – Forever doomed

The flowers bloom only in the garden inside our hearts. After that they wither with love before we become ashes. We drown in the future that can only be found in between the lines of Boriana Bogdanovas’ translations for the newest publication in our foreign language section. 


I was

a woman
ran a bird over
i was the woman
i was the bird



you left
she bloomed
forgot you
and withered



you inhale me
in a day
and want me
all life long
i am like cancer
who loves you



we got toxic

for each other
crushing bones
of love affairs
forever doomed
to ashes



you suffer with
blunted thorns
you love with
safety pins



i only exist in between
the lines of pages
torn out of the book
you are yet to read



right across the street
there are souls of sorrow
and in the mirror of us
they search for their selves



you built me up
from tiny raindrops
and they became a lake
deep and full of pain
you drowned
in me again


New Asocial Poetry magazine