Georgi Butrakov – Madness

Madness is when life itsef doesn’t work and it still makes us exist. The absurdity drowns in our brain the same way alcohol drowns the visions of life. We are in Limbo trying to find Hell on earth. Yet we are still alive in the morning after the end of the world to read Georgi Butrakovs’ translations in his first publication for our foreign language section.

Alex Arnaudov

Waterboarding no one

I’ve been dying in this chair
Too long, longer than a man should spend
Sitting … or diyng
I’ve told them all
My life
The lives I knew
The lives I wish I knew
They say I’ve told them not enough
Not enough to live
Not enough to even dream to live
Not enough for a half-smoked ciggarette,
They joke as I struggle for air
There is a towell on my face
The fabric is as soft as hands once forgotten
Then the water starts flowing
Its just the towel
Its just her hand
I am remembering, silly brain!
You are not drowning!
How can you be?
Silly brain!

I know not enough to live
I lie not enough to die

Limbo for them

Limbo for them all
Limbo for me

I’m not sure how I feel about this purgatory?
But then again…..



Brought out the heavy words
Silenced all them birds
That sing of springs
That ‘re never coming back

The trees are green again
And how’ve you been? The same?
We’ve seen this scene
Too many times

And all the rhymes i’ve heard
Are crimes against the words
I’d say to you
If you were real

I know all the absurd
Is burried in the dirt
I guess it’s true
Or it’s just how I feel …



The morning after pill
Didn’t work
It’s still today and
I am still me
And the corpses of yesterdays
Are piling up in my tiny room
Didn’t work
Yet I’ll still
Take the pill and
Burn the bodies.
Who knows , right?


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