Erik Pangelov – Reborn

We fall into the void of the desires that our souls endure. The emptiness of sorrow is the only sky we know. Grasping care and love we survive in the newest texts of Erik Pangelov. 



Falling leaves on the sky so wide
Running tease on my skin so dry
Wish for happiness I make
Wish for fullness I create
May the razor sharp edge of life
Cut me for the meaning of time
May the shattered mirror piece of me so bright
Destroy me for the meaning of divine
Shall I endure more pain I ask
A Pain I suffer, a pain I lust
Shall I consume more emptiness at last
The emptiness of sorrow, of grief, of wrath
Will the isolation teach me something
Will, it rather teach me nothing
I ask I look, I seek an answer
But the answer is no near to master
May I then propose myself a deal
May I then die for the real
Can truth cut me in pieces
Can lie shut me, without ceases
In the end, I assure
I care, I love, without  anyone else’s return



Dizziness running through my head
Softness hits me like a dead end
As I write this, I think
What is this unreal thing
Am I worthy of you, my knight
Am I enough for you, till the end of time
Will my fears prevail
Or will you fight this demonic trail
Will you face the nothingness with me
Or will you run, hiding behind a tree
Is my self – me acceptable for a broom
Or is it too much of a doom
Answers uncertain I ask
As the dizziness lasts
As vow of a dead prince from the past
I declare my love, spread into the dust
And you, my one and only  trust
Can build the hustle of my lost
As you foresee into the frost
Pieces of me shall be roost
And may you, my only knight of love
Take them all and put them in my rove
And may your love make my heart pulse in hope
Hope for the everlasting future of this angels’ rope.



Into the void, I fall
Facing the delirium of all
A delirious resemblance of sins
All of them, full of means
The wrath that is in my emotions
The lust that is in my veins
The Envy that I feel for others
The greed that I feel for myself
The gluttony I have for more
The sloth I have for none
And the pride that I own to none of thy sins
All wrapped around the unspoken selfishness from within
Have mercy, have faith, I pray
As the harbingers are coming in play
Famine punishment for my mistakes
Conquest my pestilence soul, desiring remakes
And an endless war with my own regrets
As deaths’ judgment strike into my sunsets
What is the path then, I ask
The path of virtue, dictated by my own heart?
Ask, and you shall receive, Is whispered
Thus I repeat my question uninsured
And the answer is quick to be reborn
The path is in you, it has always been worn
So cleanse your sins, stop your instinctive dogma
And overcome your consciousness, be one with karma
And take the spiritual rope, climb it higher
As the answer you seek will await you in a miter
Even if you fail to do so, remember
Break the selfish mirror, covered in body and sense
Break free, run away, and as Elysium awaits, cleanse!


Списание „Нова асоциална поезия“, бр. 21, май, 2019