Stanislav LI – I draw with sadness

Stanislav LI was born in Tselinograd in 1959. He graduated from Alma-Ata Institute of Technology. His profession is translator. LI is author of several poetry collections. His poems are included in the anthology “Modern Russian Abroad” (Moscow, 2002).

He translates ancient, medieval and modern Korean poetry, in particular, in his translations by the publishing house Fiction published a book by the modern Korean poet Ko Ryn “And the black crane descended from heaven”.

LI was a participant of the World Poetry Festival (Seoul, 2005). His poems are translated into Korean and English. He is the Winner of the Moscow International Festival “Golden Pen” – Ariran Prize. Stanislav LI writes in Russian.

His latest book is called „At the edge of heaven and it is a collection of haiku favorites. The haiku of Stanislav LI is the haiku of the modern poet, and at the same time their author is closely associated with oriental culture, which gives them additional value. Stanislav LI’s haiku embody the traditional Eastern worldview. They resemble drawings by Oriental artists – and Stanislav LI and the artist himself – who seem to be windows into some other dimension in which time seemed to stand still.


in the silence of the night,
raindrops beat
in the window pane …


love words
to a single deception
but I love them …


feather and wormwood,
who cares more in the steppe
wind songs?


in the sky high
nest dreams
free birds!


our house
under the thatched roof
I draw with sadness …


how many leaves
lie under glittering
white snow?


on the shadow of a branch,
in the morning silence
sat down forty!


light droplets
hung over my window
on the edges of the foliage …


road to school
first day of September,-
how much light!


accidentally saw
on their palms
morning light …
अचानक देखी
हथेलियों में
सुबह की रोशनी …


blooming garden
I dreamed at night
while it was snowing …
खिला खिला गुलशन
देखा सपनों में रात को
जब पड़ रही थी बर्फ …


on the shadow of a branch,
in the morning silence
sat down forty …
शाख के साये पे
सुबह की खामोशी में
चालीस बैठ गया


on the window again,
winter morning’s nest
scarlet dawn!
खिड़की में फिर
जाड़ों की सुबह का घोंसला
लाल लाल प्रातः


in a fight once
thrown stone
I carry in my heart
एक बार लड़ाई में
फेंका गया प


Списание „Нова асоциална поезия“, бр. 20, април, 2019