Hristina Guteva – My shadow

We gently invite the night into our minds with every verse. After the darkness we can finally meet the sunrise at the bottom. Then our shadows become different as we wait in the silence full of emptiness. Welcome the dark side into your souls in the newest poems of Hristina Guteva.

Alex Arnaudov


Поканена от нощта

Invited by the night
I’m climbing up
on your words
and returning
into your verse.


Измъквам се от мрака

I get out of the darkness
entering deeper and
deeper it

I meet the sunrise
at the bottom.


Липсваш ми 

I miss you –
words are not for the absence,
but for presence of emptiness.


Сън съм

I am a dream.
Do not open your eyes,
you will forget me.


Сълзите ми

My tears
know the path to you.

If you can not swim
do not let them appear.


Тази история не е нашата

This story is not ours,
let us invent
new words.


Няма начин

There is no way
to revive a flower
whose root you have cut.



Life will not tell you
whether you love me
ask death.


Откакто те срещнах

Since I met you,
I stopped
looking for myself.


Няма лечение за онова

There is no cure
for what has not happened
between us.


Нека помълчим.

Let’s be silent.
Dressing each other
in so many words,
it is difficult
to undress the soul.


Нощ е

It’s night
my shadow and I,
each of us on our own path.
At sunrise
one of us
will be different.


New Asocial Poetry