Iva Spiridonova – Metaphors of love

Love is a methaphor that creates the shape of our hearts. All words breathe but we need only one to live with. Thus the curves of emotions bring us together as we try to find out if we are alive. Then we are finally reaching our end in the newest translations of poems by Iva Spiridonova. 

Alex Arnaudov 


all metaphors of love
do not hide illiteracy
into body language


my thought has no shape
but dictates the curves
of your heart


take all your words
and give me one
in which to live
my love



One love
is not enough.
But actually know –
for us it’s everything.



the impossible choice
to breathe
without air


your eyes know
my hidden geography
Are you a crusader
in the oceans of body?

your hands dream
to tour the world
and your gaze
its axis



your sleep at night
holds my hand

yours do not touch

you wake up
not fully deemed
in me

are you alive?


your breath is melody
it rises
and here you are
in silence you breathe
you have entered the room
I fill up
your eyes

watch me
how do I run
in tears of lava
wet fire burning
I came back
into the body

watch it
only the body
dressed only by soul
he moans noisily
you here in the room
as predatory

watch me
how do I dance
and rhythm is your pulse
your eyes blown up
ask them to wish me
in your blindness

just watch
the hands are strangers
and he is writing me
with lips and hands
I’m breathing
I am – in yours

and I am you
and you see me
each cell is eyes
with a glance
we are reaching
our end


New Asocial Poetry