Hristina Guteva – Love is beyond

Life is the question that can be only answered with love. We invite the words that penetrate the heart and the mind in Hristina Gutevas’ first translations. We fill the night with the fireflies that are tears. This and much more light and wisdom in the poems of this publication.

Alex Arnaudov


Непоканени думи

Uninvited words,
I write them
there out
into the fog
and I’m free.


Тръгвам си с нощта

I leave the night
without tears.
The sun knows the path.


В очите ми зелени

In my green eyes
camomile tea
in the cup of June.


Когато те изгубя

When I lose you
from my sight
I become an invisible.


Светулки са сълзите ми

My tears are fireflies
for those
who see the darkness.


Изгубих се

I lose myself
in an invisible storm
between your words and their echo.


Можеш да си тръгнеш

You can leave
but your hand
will always hold
my shadow


Животът поставя въпросите

Life raises the questions,
Death gives the answers,
Love is beyond.


Целувката ни е дует

Our kiss
is a duet
which sings
with silence.


Желанията ти са перата

Your desires are feathers
on my skin
lets feed the sky
with our flight.


New Asocial Poetry magazine